Varför Ruckus?

För att uppnå ett top notch WiFi behövs följande:

  • Adaptive Signal Control
    (your grandfather’s omni-directional antenna configs won’t cut it any longer)
  • Interference Mitigation
    (there’s plenty of noise out there, and it’s only going to get louder)
  • Capacity-driven Channel Assignment
    (long gone are the days of "set-it-and-forget-it" channel planning. Let's get dynamic, people)
  • Dynamic Polarization Diversity
    (client devices are becoming increasingly small, smart and mobile...yesterday's fixed polarity just won't deliver acceptable connectivity to this Generation Next mobile device)
  • Maximized Signal Strength
    (dBs are sexy. Well, maybe only to us radio heads...but they sure make a difference in wireless connectivity)
  • Network Capacity Optimization
    (forget how many Mbps it says on the box or the Website or the datasheet...the only thing that matters is how much you can really get through the pipes. It takes some serious intelligence to maximize the real capacity of wireless).

Ruckus erbjuder SAMTLIGA av dessa komponenter!

Vad säger kunderna?

Nöjda kunder med ett pålitligt WiFi som bidrar till ökad produktivitet och lägre kostnaderna för elförbrukning. Kunderna har mycket bra att säga om Ruckus.

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